Consulting Services for Businesses, Agencies, and Schools


One of my passions is teaching others and helping teams make amazing positive changes.  Are you looking for support for your staff related to mental health, education, or individuals with disabilities?  I offer a wide variety of consulting and professional development services including consulting, workshops, and seminars.   I have extensive experience presenting and leading workshops at national and state conferences, consulting with school and agency leadership teams, and teaching adult learners.  Contact me directly to talk about how I can help you and your team.



A few ideas of how I might be able to help your team tackle a project or solve a problem...

  • Advise and help develop an action plans to address a student or client-specific behavioral or mental health concern

  • Collaborate with your business management staff to create effective and simple accommodations for your employees with autism, ADHD, or other disabilities

  • Consult on and help design your school-wide or classroom-level behavior management system

  • Team with your agency leaders to help create a preventive mental health program for your clients

Contact me for more information and to design consulting services to help meet your business, school, or agency's needs.

professional Development

A few ideas of how I might be able to help teach your staff...

  • Lead seminars, trainings, or workshops to help educate business, agency, or school staff on:

    • Mental illness and mental health in children, adolescents, and young adults overview for your paraprofessionals

    • Mental health diagnosis and treatment awareness for your frontline staff

    • Workplace accommodations for individuals with Autism, ADHD, or other disabilities for your office environment

    • Behavioral concerns and positive solutions for children and teens in your after-school program

    • Many more me with your specific needs

I have extensive experience in professional development (i.e., workshops, seminars, trainings, etc.). Contact me directly to discuss ways that I can help your team.